The IIS La Fe will promote the participation of the society in the scientific decision-making

The IIS La Fe has obtained a grant for the promotion of scientific culture from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for the project 'Your hospital investigates Science up close'. The project is led by the Area of Communication and Dissemination of Science and the Scientific Area of the IIS La Fe and will develop various activities and initiatives in the coming months.

The project 'Your hospital researches Science up close' has been described by the FECYT as 'a high quality project that includes very different activities based on the dissemination of science'. The resolution highlights that 'the team is complete and varied, the public to which it is addressed is heterogeneous and involves citizens in scientific decision-making'.

Call for democratic science
Among the initiatives of 'Your Hospital Researches Science Up Close', the launch of a participatory science call for the funding of research projects stands out. After the evaluation with criteria of scientific excellence and gender perspective by the Research Commission of the IIS La Fe, three projects will be selected to be voted by a jury composed of representatives from different groups.

This jury will be formed from the workshops that will take place in the Science Week, held in November, which will bring together scientists of the IIS La Fe in working sessions with students, patient associations, representatives of different groups and managers of companies and non-profit foundations in the Comunitat Valenciana.

Open laboratories and gender perspective
The planned activities have been recognized by the FECYT as 'innovative initiatives for the uniqueness and heterogeneity of the proposals and the variety of audiences invited to participate'.

Through 'Your hospital investigates Science up close', the IIS La Fe aims to connect biomedical research of the first health research institute of the Comunitat Valenciana with society. It also seeks to promote a meeting point and digital presence and to promote the exchange of information and ideas on research in disease and health.

The IIS La Fe will host on September 27th a new edition of the European Night of Research, the scientific dissemination project promoted by the European Commission within the Marie Sktodowska-Curie actions of the Horizon 2020 program, which takes place simultaneously in more than 250 European cities since 2005.

In the Science Week, which is celebrated in November, different social groups will participate in a dissemination and training day in which the research staff of the IIS La Fe will explain the work they do, solve doubts and stimulate the curiosity of visitors with the thread of the development of a research project. From the conference will emerge the jury representing the society that will resolve the call for funding for research projects in democratic science.

In addition, on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science held every February 11, there will be a day to publicize the main projects of the IIS The Faith promoted by women, as well as workshops in which, taking inspiration from leading scientists, participants will share experiences related to biomedical research.

The IIS La Fe and responsible research and innovation
The project 'Your hospital researches-Science up close' aims to build a bridge between research and society. On one side, IIS La Fe researchers belonging to 44 research groups grouped into 8 scientific areas and, on the other, society represented by all the agents that, in one way or another, at one time or another, will have contact with biomedical research.

Your Hospital Researches Science Close Up' includes all the activities directed from the IIS La Fe to the society, providing them with renewed structure, resources and methodology. The project is inspired and guided by the implementation of criteria for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) defined in the scientific policy of the IIS The Faith, aligned with the guidelines of the ISCIII and the European Commission.